Student Booking Form 2019

PDF version  2019-studentbookform

Word document  2019-studentbookform

GDPR statement

We are asking you to supply some personal information we need in order to plan and run a successful event. Your personal data will be recorded on a password-protected PC/Laptop. It may be shared in full or part between the authorised event organisers. They will not make further copies and will only retain your personal data until all the administration associated with the event is completed.

In the case of payment records, these will be processed and stored by one authorised data processer (The Treasurer or person acting a treasurer for the event) and will be retained as required by our auditors & HMRC. Retained financial information will be kept in a secure container and/or password-protected digital file. Completing this application or registration form and emailing it to the ‘event organiser’ or completing it in writing and adding your signature you are giving your express permission to record, process and retain your personal data. For further information please see our ‘Privacy Policy’ available on the Guild website at