Romford and West Essex Exhibitions

Havering In Stitch  Oct-Nov 2015

Havering museum opened in 2010 and we were delighted to be invited to hold our exhibition there and for members’ work to be integrated among the existing exhibits.

Twenty six A4 embroidered canvases denoting ‘Havering Past and Present’ welcomed you into the Museum foyer.

Thirty seven beautiful items using many techniques were hung in the temporary exhibition and events space where we also held our two ‘Meet the Artists’ Saturday sessions.

In the two permanent exhibition areas, our Guild members enthusiastically exhibited their work including embroidered luggage labels, spears to imply travel since Roman Times and twinchies draped in the Museum’s mangle.  Postcard sized continuous road landscapes, some small 3D work and purses were also displayed in a showcase.

A stole, necklace and bag were displayed in one of the larger showcases to complement the Museum’s historic dresses.  Other items were included to set off the Museum’s Pearly King outfit together with some smocking and five pieces of work on Humphrey Repton’s landscape gardens.  We were also proud to be able to display a selection of embellished mirrors made at our Residential Break and a few of our travelling books, developed over the past year.

On one Saturday, we held a children’s workshop where many potential embroiderers, both girls and boys, enjoyed embroidering and embellishing their transfer prints.

Wendy quotes:

I think this exhibition represented a very big effort by the Guild members and I have since received many compliments from the Museum staff and volunteers who were amazed at such a variety of work on display, such as “Best Exhibition we have ever had”, “When can you do it again?” Their expectations had been that it was just going to be like a craft fair!

Subsequently Debra and Dallas donated their necklace and bag made for the flapper dress to the Museum and I left them with a child’s antique Victorian smock.

One member of staff said that he was blown away by the work and hadn’t realised that you could do that sort of thing with stitch!

Linsey quotes:

We had work from embroiderers with a very broad range of experience, from degree level practitioners who are members of nationally known groups, right through to complete novices who have found their voice through fully inclusive branch led initiatives. (Namely the travelling books & Twinchies). There were also pieces made by members who continue their work completely over and above anything done in Branch.

A huge thanks to the following ladies for all their hard work and commitment to making this exhibition such a success.

Wendy Pidgeon,  Lesley Agombar,  Dallas Allen,  Linsey Block,  Debra Beagle and Joy Rasbash.

Also thanks to all the members of the Romford Embroiderers Guild for sharing their beautiful work.

Children’s workshop

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In Havering Museum

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