New page on Facebook for Norwich branch and Friends .

Norwich branch have started a new group page on Facebook for members and friends to join. One of the aims of the Guild is friendship and through the page I hope to enable members to join up with other branches to explore what they might be studying and experiencing in different place in the country and further afield .       We are very lucky to have tutors from many places ,Norwich had Alysn Midgelow-Marsden a couple of months ago while she was in this country and we can show and tell other branches about the  fabulous  workshop we had.  As well as posting about monthly talks,workshops and local shows. Embroidery and Textiles is a vast subject to study and explore and we hope to make many contacts and share many stories .

Please do come and join us just type in  ‘Norwich Embroiderers Guild’ in the search bar , then click on join group . We would love to see your pictures and hear about the projects you and your branch are working on.

Note : It is a closed group to try and stop some of the rubbish adds being posted.

If you have any questions please contact me .

Jackie Goffin

IT Rep