Milton Keynes Branch Programme


September 15:
Isobel Hall: “Mixed Media and Stitch”

October 20:
Yvonne Brown: “Textile Meltdown”

November 17:
Jane Robinson: “Re-Discovering Our Childhood Creativity”

December 8:
Sit and Sew / Xmas Fun & Nibbles


January 19:
Judith Hammond: “It’s a Plastic Bag: Using Contemporary Textiles”

February 16:
Alison Eskriett: “What The Well-Dressed Georgian Woman Wore”

March 16:
Jo Mabbutt: “Gilding The Lace”

April 20:
Catherine Petit-Van Hoey: “The Meaning of Stitch”

May 18:
Liza Jones: “Knickers”

June 15:
Show & Tell / Sit & Sew

July 20:
Marianne Pleath: “A Stitch in Time with Fine Cell Work”

September 21: AGM / Anne Cooke & Angie Hill: Exhibiting in Coventry Cathedral

October 19:
Meri Hunneyball: “Weaving in the Peruvian Highlands”

November 16:
Chris Yates: “The Artful Teabag”

December 14: Xmas Show & Tell / Sit & Sew