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Many of our members have pieces in the exhibition at Hedingham Castle celebrating Capability Brown.





May meeting:

The branch had a very interesting talk from Deanna Tyson about her art work.  She brought along some stunning kimonos, each with a story to tell.

kim1 kim2 kim3


November meeting:

Lynda Monk gave an inspiring and entertaining talk about her textile work.  A very popular artist and speaker – her workshop soon became booked.  Chelmsford members are looking forward to a stimulating day of textile art in February.


Embroiderers Guild National Day of Stitch

Some of our members took part in the National Day of Stitch In Chelmsford Library on Saturday 1st August:

IMG_1535 IMG_1534 IMG_1533 IMG_1532

Chelmsford Guild Members evening in July:

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Yvonne Brown workshop:

On a dull misty morning we all arrived and set up our equipment for the workshop ‘Marvellous Marble’ with Yvonne Brown.  Introductions were made, as many people attending were not from our branch. we had Marion Wood, Chair of South East Essex Branch, two friends of Angela’s who are from her Beading group and three ladies, Jane, Mel and Irmgard from Creative Stitch Suffolk.  Thank you to all those who travelled from afar and supported our branch.

After an initial chat about design and techniques, we all got to work, many of us learning new skills in the process.  We covered screen printing with Thermofax screens, transfer printing, reverse applique and using a soldering iron.  We all worked very hard and were gently guided and supported by Yvonne, who is an excellent teacher.

Most of us were reluctant to break for lunch as we had not realised the time.  The same was true as home time approached!  Yvonne talked us through the next stages of the work to enable to finish at home and sadly we had to pack up and go.

Hopefully those members who attended will have completed their work in time for our exhibition in May!  Those members who were unable to come you missed a great day!Yvonne Brown Workshop 2 2015